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Fretless Neck Epoxy


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Hi, new on this forum and currently refurbishing a Squier strat to a semi-fretless w. sustainer and veneer top as my first PG. After pulling the frets (the first five are still in), i filled them in with wood filler, and am now considerinng epoxying the (rosewood) fretboard from the fifth fret down.

first question: is this necessary? i though it would be neat to smoothen down the board completely, and possibly make up for some of the sustain loss. also, the epoxy would be good for compensating for some of the less level fret lines (they aren't perfectly flat).

I am fluent in both english and german, but i'm not sure which epoxy i should use, and what it's called in german (native english speaker). any tips/help would be greatly appreciated. thanks!

will post a complete photo report once i'm done...

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I have been playing around with an Australian Made product called "Glass Coat".

So far I have had nothing but success. It can be used for sealing wood, I now use it for all my inlay work, this stuff is awesome.

It however has a 24 touch dry and 2 weeks full cure time and it is very runny liquid even when mixed for several minutes, so you have to do a lot of trial work to get the jyst of how to use it.

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