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  1. A few images from the build video in the previous post:
  2. It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted here, busy running the guitar business and keeping its social media pages up to date, however I’m hoping this video will somewhat make up for my lack of attendance! This video is a detailed compilation of mobile phone footage showing the Graveyard II guitar evolve from timber blanks to a completed guitar, including the pickup making and final setup! I hope you enjoy! https://youtu.be/trSIZqlzkBA
  3. @verhoevenc Sorry, I don't log in as much as I used to, so I haven't seen this till now. Ok... I do my own sanding these days, I got rid of the lackies a couple years ago and now it's just me. It's just so much easier to do everything myself and not have to worry about it being stuffed up by other people. Spending my time training other people or looking over my shoulder watching other people. So, I am now the sanding guy again. Unfortunately as you have found out, it takes time. Simple as that. You will also find some timbers sand so much faster than others. For example
  4. There are several on my property which are a couple hundred years old, both vertical and horizontal The Vertical ones are all filled in, the horizontal ones are not however have unknown things living in them which is enough to keep me away. I've seen the mozzies at the entrance fresh animal tracks and no thanks. It's the mozzies I'm more afraid of than the four legged inhabitants!
  5. Thanks guys, and Prostheta, even though the Rosette may seem simple, it was a real pain. The two I did before looked much more complex and were a lot easier!
  6. Latest build video - I hope you like it: https://youtu.be/nCFoT68IdJs
  7. I had the large model of this exact router. When it was new, it was great. After a couple of years the thing was a piece of crap. It virtually shakes itself apart. Speed controller needs to be held by tape so it doesn't roll around. Base falls apart. Micro adjustment moves. Base jams up making it hard to drop and change cutting bits. The WORSE thing about the whole router, worse than above is the collet that is supplied with it is a cheap piece of junk and after not very long, once it's lost it's newness it stops holding the router bit. For example, one neck pocket I wa
  8. Latest video I put together, I hope you guys like it. https://youtu.be/n8EgK1IKWKE Here's the Fuscia one all put together: https://youtu.be/oDL34qlF264
  9. Something just as shiny but not quite as bright:
  10. Customer wanted bright metallic pink, after some discussion we agreed on some color samples and this fuscia variation was decided on. It's sprayed over a metallic silver and the fuscia candy is full of pearl.
  11. Not a whole lot going on guitar wise here with the packing up of the workshop etc, but here are a few paint progress pics of current builds:
  12. Oh well, guess I'll just have to make more video/slideshows then!
  13. I was simply copying image URL's from my Searls Guitars facebook page, so either this site has stopped recognizing the facebook url, or facebook has stopped people using pictures like that, however I don't believe it's on the facebook end as I've done the same thing on other sites like my own forum and the images work fine.
  14. My control cavities were one of my points of focus in my major redesign stage, not only does the new cavity look much better, as well as having a unique shape to make the rear of the guitar easily identifiable as one of mine, there were more important functional improvements made also. More distance between the jack and the tone pot, more meat added around the jack area, way more space added in the cavity so I can easily add extra electronics as required. As far as the "new toys", I've purchased every single one for a reason. The only "new toy" I've purchased over the
  15. Sorry, I've been really bad at keeping this thread updated. Have been flat out with our business, trying to do house renovations, dealing with a property subdivision, dealing with builders for a house we're building and on top of all that trying to wrap up customer builds! Long story short, here is a video of a recent build that was just picked up a couple weeks ago, Christopher sent me a link to this video of him playing one of his original pieces, hope you enjoy:
  16. What he said, although not all superglues are made even. You need a slow drying superglue or it'll start setting before you even get your acetone dampened rag near to clean it up. When I say slow drying, it won't be written on the packet, you just need to trial and error different brands as to which ones are slow and fast.
  17. Same process, but derived from the natural prey of the Drop Bear, foreign tourists.
  18. Finally got a day where it wasn't raining, so I snapped some pics of this one: Mahogany body (radius top carve) Papua New Guinea Rosewood neck (quarter sawn) Rosewood fingerboard Cocobolo binding Bareknuckle Blackhawks Hipshot bridge 26.125" scale Brass Roman Numeral inlays 16" radius 6150 Dunlop fretwire 24 frets Ebanol nut Grover strap lock system Grover tuners CTS pots Freeway selector 0.022uf paper dipped in oil cap Stain and oil finish
  19. It's my superstrat shape with the tips rounded off and the belly fattened up a bit to make a more standard non metal looking body shape. It's the same superstrat top carve I've been doing for years. I guess it does look rather PRSish if you look at it that way. The Hum90's are some cheapie's I bought from Dragonfire to see what they're like. The bridge is a bit thin, the neck is a much fuller sound and where I'd probably spend most of the time playing. Still, both pickups have their place and are very jazzy/bluesy and some nice tones all over. I've never used P90's so I have nothing to c
  20. Got around to putting this one together the other day:
  21. Only thing I'll correct Scott is that Danish oil (as I know it) does not have linseed oil as its base, it's a Tung oil/vegetable oil and varnish mix. It doesn't have that nice linseed oil smell! Years ago I used to use linseed oil, I moved onto Danish oil as my "go to" and I haven't used linseed oil for maybe ten years? The Danish oil is easy to work with. However I only use that now for necks, I use "Aussie Oil" for bodies as of a month or two ago, but I'll be sticking to Danish for the neck as it seems to have a nicer feel. I've never used true oil, but I imagine it shares characteristic
  22. Moving along with the Redwood guitar: Back done: I wiped a coat of Danish oil around the surfaces, avoiding the next to be glued surface. It was a mix left over from an electric I was oiling and there was a bit left in the cup, so I thought I'd try something different. Also managed to get this strung up since my last updates: and a bit more work on this one:
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