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Emg Active Whith A Fernandes Sustainer


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Hi guys B)

let me just start buy saying u people have a terific site heer :D

im about to bild my first guitar (scared) im whating to put a EMG-81 in the brige and a fernandes sustainer in the neck, now what i whant to now is is this aualy posibal???

i know it is posibal however dificalt to mix active whith pasive but what about active whith a sustainer?

now id like to go for a volume and tone for the 81 a volume and the 2 mini-toggle switches for the sustainer (FSK-101) a 2 or if posibal 3 way selecter and posibaly a EMG afterburner :D

phew :D

is any of this posibal and is so how whold i go about doing this??

thanks guys B)

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