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Glue Line Issues

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All right my problem is that I had 2 pieces of 2x6 walnut and 2 pieces of 2x8 mohogany,I glued everything up and relized that the walnut wasnt wide enough sooo I routed a channel in the middle of the walnut and put a 1 inch strip of mohoany down it but now it has tiny little crack between the pieces of wood.Ive read about using epoxy but I am not sure if how to make it blend w/the rest of the wood.The finish I want is a black burst going into the natrul(sp?)look of the wood so some of it will be covered.I just dont want it to look like crap.The cracks are between about1/64th and 1/16th wide.Sorry no pics I have no batteries for my digicam.


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You could try mixing some sawdust from the walnut with clear epoxy or glue to fill the gaps.

i.e. Make your own wood filler.

But, this reminds me of one of my favorite posters.


Good Luck,

d ward

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