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Bocote Topped Guitar

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I acquired a piece of bocote for a guitar. It's 1 inch thick. My original idea was to make a very thin bodied guitar, as I did some searching on the forum about this. I saw a couple that some guys made that were 1 1/16", and figured it's possible. However, bocote being a very hardwood, and only an inch thick, I didn't think the sound would be very good, very shrill if anything.

Now, I've considered using this piece as an arch top for a solidbodied, but chambered, guitar. I figured a lightweight mahogany back would be good.

My question is, is a 1 inch thick top too thick for an archtop guitar, especially being bocote, a very hardwood that would still seem to be too bright sounding?

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The maple cap on a Les Paul typically starts out at 1/2" to 3/4" thick before carving. True hollowbody archtops start with a top plate thickness of 1".

I think a bocote-topped chambered LP would be the cat's meow.

I may go with a PRS type shape, but as long as the wood combo with that thick of a starter top would sound ok, then it's a go.

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