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The Heel You Say!

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Look at this monstrosity, I bet I should have already addressed this beast. Oh well I should be used to doing every thing the hard way by now. :D


This is what I'm going to try for, it's the heel of my Washburn bass it's the most comfortable heel I've played with.



I think I can remove a lot of the wood with a router then finish it up with my new best friend ( the rasp) and cross my fingers.

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Honestly, I'd do all of that with rasps/shintos/surforms/microplanes. Taking that down to a finished, smoothed out heel, with good hand tools, should only take about 10 minutes. But I'd also gently smooth the neck carve into the body, not end it quite as abruptly as on that Washburn.

If you want to route, build a solid platform for the router to ride on, becase a slip at this point will have you kicking yourself.

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I didn't do it exactly like the Washburn, I really didn't need to. The reason I like the heel of my Washburn is because of how easy it is to play the higher frets but sense the body of my guitar is all the way past the fret board I shouldn't have to worry about fret access.

I still have to finish sanding but this what I've done so far.



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