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Mini Pin Router


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So I coughed up the money needed and made myself one of those MacKenzie style inlay pin routers. If you don't know what that is go read this tut on how to build one, it's a GENIOUS idea that uses quick melt plastic to make a template of your inlay, then you use this micro pin router to copy said template into wood.

MacKenkie Pin Router Page

Either way, I haven't tried it yet, but here's a short video of it working (video is 1.9 MB)

Short Video File

My Dremel mounts into that holder which is reccessed into the piece of wood it's mounted on so as to get closer to the surface. That pin on the right still needs to be sized but first I gotta find the bit I wanna use! Does anyone know where to get those mini router bits? Like a .031" CNC bit with 1/8" shank is what MacKenzie uses, but where do you get those?!?!!? Anyone?!


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Hey Chris,

Check this place out for cutters.

CME tools

The link I posted was for a 1/16th inch carbide endmill with a 1/8 shank. This is the smallest one I saw but I didn't look very hard. You may want to call in your order and ask if they have any specials going on their carbide endmills. Alot of times they have sales that aren't reflected in their web prices. If you can find a source of better priced cutters let me know!

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