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Staining a Maple Top


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I thought I read somewhere that it is common for maple tops to be stained with a combination of black and whatever the main color is? If so, do you know how you keep the black from dominating the finish? From what I remember, I thought they said you should try to get the black into the "lower" areas of the maple and get the main color everywhere else but I don't have any idea how that is done.

Does this sound right? Do you know where I can find more info on this?

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Teh blue/green Drop top I posted earlier was done this way, it's not necessary but I like that way it's turning out. Just sand off as much of the black dye as you want before you use the predominant color. The black just deepens the shadow/contrast when using bright colors. If you're using a darker color the black isnt necessary because the darker stain/dye will creat the shadows with multiple coats anyway

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