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Internal Fuzz Factory


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I'm wiring a fuzz factory into my guitar, but something is just not working. Iv tried the switch (3pdt) two different ways, and both times it has worked as an on/off switch for the whole guitar, and the ff doesnt work at all.

its a vexter series and so has an led, which also fails to turn on.

The two ways iv done it are - using the orignal wiring on the switch as it was in the pedal, substituting the pedal input with the guitar output

and - using a bypass switch set out as below

empty linked - linked

led guitar in guitar out

earth ff in ff out

i cant see that anything else is wrong, and this is making me mad as hell!

any suggestions from anyone?

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well iv just tried it and no. it doesnt work. so now i have ruined a guitar and a fuzz factory. great.

all iv done to it is remove two of the pots and extended them with some wire, change the led and its resistor, and lengthened some of the wires coming from the circuit board.

Also, a couple of the wires from the circuit board came loose or came off so i reattached them. im 99% certain i attached them in the right places, but if i didnt i have no way of knowing. There are a few holes with nothing attached to them (as there were before i did anything to it). If anyone has a vexter fuzz factory, please tell me which wire goes in which holes - eg: yellow wire - r3 etc.

im not asking for a schematic or a circuit board diagram so i can make my own and cheat zack out of some money, i just need to know if my wires are in the right places, because thats all i can think of.


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Sorry, but I have no idea about the insides of any of the ZVex stuff. It's possible that Paul or one of the other stompboxers around here has been inside one and can help you out. Have you tried contacting the man himself? It's zack@zvex.com, IINM. Keep in mind that he works (hard) for a living, and has a pretty full schedule, so he won't be able to drop everything to come to your assistance, but he might be willing to help you out, if you're courteous, respectful and patient.

Next time, may I heartily recommend taking lots of pictures and copious notes before unboxing anything? You'd be surprised how often it'll save your butt in this situation!

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yes i tried but like you said he's very busy and says he cant give support for guitar installations. which i understand - he'd probably have no time for anything else if he did that.

i just cant think what it could be thats stopping it from working. iv tested it for continuity, and although everything that is conected directly to each other has continuity, from the input to the output doesnt. and indeed, the signal from the guitar doesnt even get through, regardless of whether or not the effect is switched on

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Feed the input a test signal and then use an audio probe to trace the signal. http://www.diyguitarist.com/PDF_Files/DIY-AudioTester.pdf

The only two things that I can think of is that a transistor got fried or the PCB is getting shorted out somehow. An audio probe is a great debugging tool to have in your electronics toolbox. :D

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well, i think i did the probe thing ok. but i dont really know. when you say a test signal what exactly do you mean? i know im being a bit of an idiot but i want to be sure of everything.

when i tested it (at least when i thought i was testing it) the only things that sounded different were a cap that was connected to a transistor (not a germanium one). the cap and one wire of the transistor sounded different but the other two transistor wires sounded like the rest of the circuit.

but im not sure i did it right.

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