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Mcguyver Please?

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I have never successfully sprayed clearcoat on a guitar. I am about to try again with deft nitro and had horrible results with min-wax poly. (mostly my fault because im a newb but you live and you learn) So with this guitar i would like to make sure that it comes out right. I have a couple questions.

1. While spraying should it be vertical or horizontal? the only reason i ask this is because i know that nitro has a long dry time and was curious if i put it in a box and set it in the sun would that be okay.

2. When they say its not durable how not durable is it? Every time I play it will it chip or is it not that extreme.

Also I would like to say that everyone on guitar forum has been very helpful and i would like to say Thanks!


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Maiden69 once recommended painting it vertically because you have to have a lighter touch in order to avoid drips --if it's lying flat, it's much easier to overspray.

Hanging it makes it easier too, because you can spin the guitar while you're painting. You just to have to be careful to get the bottom of the guitar too.

For a bolt on, it's easy, take a piece of wood that fits into the neck pocket (there's probably already a hole there) and put a hook on the other end of the piece of wood.

I use thin wire to suspend it because it spins more easily.

As for durability --I think the more coats you put on, the stronger it's going to be. But you have to empty a lot of cans.

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You're doing commissioned work right now, correct? Well, if you can afford it eventually, I highly recommend you invest in a spray booth and the accompanying accouterments so that you can spray two pack. With heat lamps, it'll take no more than 2 days to be rock hard and ready for wetsanding.



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Do some searching hear for 'heat lamp' and such. There's a ton of info on heat lamps and curing boxes. Myka started a whole thread about his, I've posted some pics of mine and others here have had good results with them.




Just a few links to get your feet wet on the subject.

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