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Clear Coats On Mahogany


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Hi group,

I'm thinking of finishing my next project with only clear coats on mahogany, ie no staining. The guitar, already in progress, will have front and back african mahogany and will be grain filled (and maybe sanding sealer) The neck is also mahogany because I want to have a consistent look from the back. The fingerboard is rosewood.

I already tested the clear coats of polyurethane on a scrap piece of mahogany and it looks very good... but I'm worried that a whole guitar done this way may look too "woodsy".

Can anyone show me an example of all mahogany clear coated guitar?


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Very nice gloss to that guitar Mattia, what's your wet sanding/buffing routine?

Thanks! That guitar's finished with Target's USL (StewMac Colortone waterbased), levelled, wetsandended with 1200 and 1500 grit, and buffed with stewmac's medium and fine compounds on foam pads mounted in a handheld drill. Finish off with hand polishing using Meguiars Show Car Glaze. The neck's shellac, wiped on, no grain fill, no polishing.

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We just finished this, an example of no stain and clear poly over Mahogany (the back). Purple heart down the middle.


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