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Sitting Bull- Headstock Inlay- Craig Lavin


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This is on a banjo!

That means it's SMALL..

about 1.5 wide, 3" tall.

materials are legal pre ban ivory, ebony, black pearl, and white river pearl for the feather.

Thanks as always for looking!

Craig Lavin



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Thanks Ryan.

I did Sitting Bear recently.

It's another indian cheif in my style, so it seems similar I guess.

Larry Robinson also did an ilay based most liklely on the same image as I did (he did it many years ago) also on a banjo headstock and it is in his book The Art of Inlay.

We used the same photo but they are very different looking inlays. I definitly didn't "copy" his. His face is all in copper and silver.

Craig L.

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Thanks guys.

Cliff I agree about the face fading into the background, it blends even more when there is finish over it. That indian rosewood darkens out a LOT. I thought about the idea of edging it with a thin line of silver, but then again it looks more ominouse fading in and out. It really adds depth. It's a toss up!

I never repeat pieces, so I normally spend more time geting them right the first time. I did this one basically in a day and a half for a friend, so it was a little more rushed.

Thanks Guitarchump, I like Larry's alot. It's very cool, of course he has a whole lot going on with the rest of that banjo as well. Mine is just more life-like. I did reference his a bit for determing light/dark areas. His is two tone, mine is three.

More inlay soon- back to my fishes and such...


Craig L


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