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i am spraying duplicolor .i am having a time of it trying to avoid orange peel.i have never sprayed acrylic laquer before.my experience has been with the nitro clear finishes.it has been alot of years ago.anyway my question is.do i have to wait longer with acrylic between light misty coats?any helpful hints would be great.


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Funny about orange peel, you never think it can happen to you. :D Its hard to avoid it sometimes, especially when using rattlecans. I've only seen Dupli-color sold in rattlecans, btw. A few tips that help minimize orangepeel. If I have to paint a flat surfaced guitar I will shoot it laying down, flat and level. The paint will settle out a little while still in fluid state. Also, never use the entire can. A little after 3/4's of a can I find it starts to spit and output becomes uneven.

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yes i am spraying flat.i built a jig that attaches in the neck pocket and rotates as well as spins. so if the paint is drying before reaching the surface then one might assume the temp is too high. i sprayed at 80 f.or am i too far away.8-10 in.rattle cans are challenging i know.i also know not to run the cans too low.thanks for the feedback. great forum!!

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