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Qualalacq Nitro - Is This A Good Idea

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Hey guys,

First off - I discovered that there's a Rockler Woodworking store in Seattle - woohoo! :D

They have the Behlen's Master Topcoat rattlecan lacquer that I'm using, so I picked up some more in case I run low. I also picked up a quart of Qualalacq plus some some lacquer thinner (and some MicroMesh pads :D ).

My thought was that I could spray my final coat with the Qualalacq (1 part lacquer to 4 parts thinner) using a Preval sprayer. If I thought it would work well, I'd do all the clearcoat this way (not thinned that much, of course) but my gut tells me the rattlecans are the better option. But I'm new to this stuff...


Thanks for the help B)


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Yes, I would recommend rattlers over a Preval most of the time.

"Most of the time" - including the thinned final coat? I may just have to invest in a proper gun/compressor soon. :D

Now, if I did happen to have a spray gun, would it be advisable to use the Qualalacq over the 5 coats of rattlecan nitro I've already applied?

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OK - I bit the bullet today and got me a detail gun and compressor . B)

Now I've gone over the edge - I'm fully committed (my beautiful wife with the psych degree would probably say I need to be committed :D ) to this guitar building thing.

I can't imagine there'd be a compatibility issue between the Behlen's rattlecan nitro and their Qualalacq... but somebody please chime in if I'm headed down the wrong road... :D


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