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i did a search on poly and it has raised many questions i would like an answer to because i plan on using it for my next guitar. i read that the poly in cans(minwax) and the two-part poly are different.

How different are they? (i know that theyre different in the whole fact that one is one-part and the other is two-part)

Do they both cure in the same amount of time?

Are they both just as durable?

Is use of the Poly in a can(minwax) suggested?

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Pretty much entirely different. They share some basic chemistry (composed of urethanes), but working characteristics, durability, colour, strength, etc. vary from finish to finish, manufacturer to manufacturer.

2-pak poly isn't something you want to use without a proper spray booth and full-body and full respiratory protection.

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One-part poly is what the Minwax stuff from Home Depot is. Two-part poly you can get from auto paint stores. The one-part stuff is durable, but not quite as nice for finishing guitars (great for patios though). The two-part stuff is, like Mattia said, highly toxic and not something you want to mess with unless you know exactly how to handle it.

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I used the Minwax rattlecan poly for a refinish a few years ago... it takes a lot of coats to build up, and you can easily get witness lines between coats when you level sand. It is fairly durable, but I won't use it again. I'm using nitro lacquer now - looks great and is much nicer to work with.


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