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Krylon Drying Times

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Sorry in advance for the newbie questions.......I am planning on finishing my first guitar (a saga kit) and want to do a bullseye design using Krylon acrylic lacquer spray cans. I know how to get the design but I am not sure about how to use the paint. I've searched the forum and saw that its recommended to use at least five or so coats of the base colors and then the same for the clear coat. I sand/recoat about 30 minutes after each coat. Did I get that right? Then my main question-how long is the curing time? When can I shine it and play it? Does Krlyon take a full month to dry or is that for other types of paint? Any advice would be great and sorry again for the dumb questions.

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Sorry, I thought I had searched the whole forum, but guessed I missed some parts. :D Found the drying times and everything, but now I have another question. There is lots of info about using krylon for the body, but can you also use it to paint the neck? I was hoping I could use the same paint to make the neck white. Do you use the same methods as for the body?

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