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  1. Beautiful bass, I think the redwood and cherry look perfect together...and those are some very nice pictures too!
  2. Looks beautiful! I love spalted maple, and think the hardware goes well with the design. I generally don't like anything to do with teles, but the bridge actually looks really cool with it too.
  3. Welcome back! I noticed a long time ago that you hadn't been using the forum much anymore. Good to have you back, and I can't wait to see what new things you come up with!
  4. First of all, welcome to the forum David! That sounds a lot like the project I'm working on (a PRS style guitar), but I haven't had time to work on it for ages. I hope it all goes well for you, and we would love to see pictures! I think this topic belongs in the Works in Progress category though. Good luck!
  5. That is some great work! Much better than my first attempt at painting a guitar. I kinda agree with Geo that the first couple pictures look cool with all the colors from the masking tape. But the finished shots of the guitar look awesome!
  6. Pariah, could you explain a little more what you mean about the Kinkead book? I have heard that the Cumpiano's book is a little outdated, but the Kinkead book is pretty new. What do you mean there is misinformation and calculation errors? Any advice would be appreciated. I am trying to learn as much about acoustics as possible, and Kinkead's book is all I have to go on so far (and the OLF).
  7. Looks good, congrats! If you want to change it, that is up to you. I'm not sure exactly what you mean by putting MOP dots around it, but it might be cool. I personally think it would look good with a thin darker accent around the inner and outer edges to make it contrast with the top more (either purfling or a darker wood). Looks good how it is now though too, and once you put some finish on there it will look even better.
  8. Cool! I just got the Kinkead acoustic book recently, but I would love to have as many resources as possible when I finally get around to doing my first acoustic. Once this comes out, I would love to hear some reviews about it.
  9. Looks amazing! Very clean work so far and that cocobolo neck is gorgeous. I can't wait to see this one finished! Also...Prostheta is right....the maple is on top of the table, but is also part of the table....? lol
  10. Looks great! Very elegant looking and clean work. I can't wait to see what other projects you do.
  11. If you don't have any building experience and don't own ANY tools, then it might be kind of difficult to make a guitar. But, it can definitely be done. There are tons of people who have made very nice first guitars without any experience. I actually got interested in building guitars a few years ago when I stumbled on to this site. I didn't have much woodworking experience, didn't know too much about how guitars were made, and didn't have much money to buy parts or tools. I decided that I really wanted to build a guitar and do it for cheap. I planned on buying the cheapest parts availab
  12. Wow, that is really fantastic work! The front of the guitar is kind of graphic, but it is very detailed and expertly done. I personally prefer the back, but the whole guitar is awesome! I checked out your website and the other work is all great too. I especially liked the progress pictures to see how painted this step by step. Again, great work!
  13. Yeah, something does seem weird here. Fookgub has made some pretty cool guitars before, so I'm sure he knows how to make some sawdust. And the writing does seem different. If it is a family member logging in, maybe I can understand...but can accounts really get hacked here? What happened to the real fookgub?
  14. You were right, those are some better pictures! That guitar is absolutely beautiful, and the last picture now took possession of my wallpaper. Great work! Also, I was browsing through your other photos and saw this one....interesting view!
  15. Excellent work, I love swirl guitars! I actually prefer the first picture best, the swirl looks nice and even (as opposed to too much green on the front of the second guitar).
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