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Removing Les Paul Toggle Switch

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Ok I searched through about 50 pages of results and could n't find an answer to this (or a question for it so I may well be completely retarded) but...

I 'm upgrading all electronics in my orville les paul to bring it up to '58 reissue specs and part of it is a switchcraft switch for the pickup selectors.

What tool do I need to remove the nut that holds the selector switch in place though, It's like a small cog so a spanner wont work and i don't want to risk pliers to force it in fear of damaging the top.

I suppose it must be obvious since noone else has brought it up but it's beyond me.

thanks, for any help you can give

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When my fingers don't work, I use a flat wrench, or pliers, but really any wrench should work, depends on what I'm able to find first in the mess. But try your fingers first.

And yes, any time you're working with tools around your guitar, you should protect the parts you don't want to scratch up.

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Had the same problem recently, ended up giving up in frustration! I tried pliers, and thought "I've got a steady hand, and there's a fair space between the pliers and the body... I'll be safe", nevr think that! I've now got a nice new scratch right through the finish on my favourite old guitar... Dangnammit!!!

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