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2" Vs 2.1" Bridges And Strat Pickups....


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I am attempting to build a nice partscaster on an el cheapo budget.

I bought a chinese alder strat copy, a Mighty Mite neck and recently got a decent price on some custom shop 54 american pickups.

However I am reading that the American pickups are spaced slightly differently according to the US spacing. There are a few threads discussing Humbuckers but what about strat pickups???

The current pickups are 50mm (2") and apparently F-spacing (used on US strats) is 51mm?

I was told that I should replace the tremolo with a US one to get the correct spacing for my US pickups.

However other people say this is BS. I want to replace the tremolo but think that the screw spacing will be different if I get a US spaced one as opposed to a MM replacement and don't want to bother with the extra work.

** So the question is will having a 2" bridge with US spaced single coil pickups mess up the tone I should get from the pickups or will it not be noticed?

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we're only talking 1mm here. 1mm between 6 polepieces is 0.166666666mm difference for each polepiece. i cant see there being any problem at all.

I think it may be more than a 1 mm difference but I couldn't verify this.

Lots of misinformation out there so I shouldn't add to it!

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