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Switch Help Please


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When you don't have a wiring diagram the other option is to use a multimeter to figure out which switch positions connect which poles. It appears that switch has the middle pole as the common and it works from inside poles to outside as the selector is moved with the most inside pole connected at the same time the most outside pole is connected on the opposite side.

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gripper that site has awsome refference but a still cant find the wiring for my particuler switch thanx anyway

It's not all that difficult.

Using your hand-drawn diagram and assuming that you will be wiring the switch with this pattern facing you AND the switch is in the position you want the bridge pickup on which will be to the RIGHT, this is what you have to do:

#6 to bridge pickup

#4 to middle pickup

#2 to neck pickup

You don't mention on what pickup you want your tone controls to operate. Make a decision and then wire them up according to that decision:

#3 for bridge tone control

#5 for middle tone control

#7 for neck tone control.

If my assumption that the selector switch is to the left for bridge pickup selection, simply reverse #6 & #2 for the pickup wires, and #3 & #7 for tone control.

I can't make out what you are trying to do in the drawing of the controls, but #1 in all cases should be connected to the hot outside lug of the volume control, and the middle lug of the volume control should go to the hot side of the output jack.

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my apologize about the drawing its drawn like thart because thats the way its wired now i purcased this guitar after someone else started ripping out wires and most of the wires were cut off the switch there are lots of diagrams of switch s but i cant find this particuler one

may be this can help



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Your search for a particular diagram involving a particular switch... possibly including some kludge of wiring attempt someone else tried to undertake is probably not going to be fruitful.

Open this diagram in another window:

Strat wiring

This is what you seem to want to do. One volume, two tone controls, one switch with three pickups. The only difference is the switch.

Look at the switch in the diagram.

Notice there is a black wire connecting the bottom lug on the left hand side of the switch with the top lug on the right hand side of the switch. It runs along the center of the switch vertically as drawn. This connection is your lug #1. Your switch already has everything connected together on one lug. Your #1 lug will also go to the volume control.

Notice the three pickups are connected to the switch on the left hand side. This would be your lugs that you numbered #6, #4 and #2.

Notice the two tone controls are connected to the lugs on the right hand side of the switch. This would be your lugs numbered #3, #5 and #7. This diagram has the separate tone controls operating on the neck and middle pickups. You can change this assignment depending on which of your lugs you want to solder the wire going to each separate tone control. Pick two.

Wire up the tone controls in the same way as this diagram. Wire the volume control to the jack the same was as this diagram.

That should do it.

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