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Bridge Placement Fix

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I installed a Kahler 2220C flat mount tremelo on the body of my Warmoth guitar.They made the route for the spring cavity but I had to drill the screw mounting holes myself.Well it looks like I was off slightly.The measurement from nut to center of front screw holes is 25-1/4" and it mounts in the same place as a standard strat trem.Becuase of this my intonation is still sharp with the saddles all the way back on a few strings.I need to know what I should use to fill the old holes.Would bondo work? What will harden enough for me to re-drill without breaking into the older holes?

And what would be the safest method of drilling new holes without a drill press? Is there something I can use to stabilize an electric drill or should I just find someone with a press? Thank you to all in advance!

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