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  1. I think Ive seen this posted somewhere, but it dosent hurt to have it again. http://colomar.com/Shavano/construction.html Look towards the bottom of the page. Tips on DIY for a bunch of guitar related stuff. Enjoy
  2. It does take a lot....9 thick coats of eurethane and a lot of wetsanding, but it holds ok to the decal. The first guitar I modded was a RG to JPM finish, and a trem cavity route to fit a lo-trs trem. That was 2 years ago and no problems so far
  3. Perry gets my vote....as Marzocchi said, I would rush to check out that guitar, and the attention to detail. Bombs away!!
  4. Beautiful craftmanship on all parts, and a special hats off to the "mutt" guitar. I loved the idea, and its nice to see it done, however, the total custom has my vote. The first band I ever joined needed a guitarist who could play the solo for Biohazard's Punishment, and its all been downhill from there The inlays put it over the top for me!!!! Guilty....Punishment for ALL MY SINS!!!!
  5. Using krylon paints and krylon crystal clear. had no problems yet , just let the clear dry for at least 3 weeks before wetsanding and buffing. 5 thin coats color and 10 coats clear
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