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  1. Oh my lord how some things never change, and some do.... Its been a LONG time since I signed in, and the Litch thing is still being talked about. Its also nice to see some familliar names!!!
  2. Just a quick FYI to anyone close to Chicago, Jordan will be doing an in store apperance at Sam Ash in Burbank this Friday August 10th....met Mike Portony there about 3 years ago....waiting for John to come in.
  3. One word...Amazing. The first attempt at building a guitar was a JPM inspired ibanez, and its still in my arsenal.
  4. Aiguitars on evilbay will make you a pickguard with any pickup config, or color he has in stock, and his product is very high quality. As far as your pickups, its more of a personal chioce....not to mention, your amp. Id dosent matter what kind of pickups you have in a guitar, you wont get the signature Death sound if you playin through a old fender twin. Not trying to sound like your dad, but before a moderater says anything, you need to watch your chioce of words a little better. That kind of stuff is frowned upon here. With that said...welcome to the forum
  5. Sweet..... another grease monkey <---Head tech at an independant garage (forign and domestic)
  6. I love getting guitars in with floating bridges, and the guy changed his own strings, and upped the guage like 4 steps. "Man I think the bridge is broken" Purchased many a guitar from a newb that should be playing a hard tail or TOM, but had to have a wammy bar to wank on.....and then they are tired of bringing it back to me for a free readjustment
  7. I was told the same thing ericbojerik said...if it still smells like paint, its not dry enough, and if it dosent, use your fingernail. I painted a scrap piece along with the guitar so I had a rough idea, and a fingernail test piece so I didnt wreck the finish on my guitar.
  8. If you ever plan on doing your own tune-ups, put at least a body lift on her. The number 4 plug is a mother to change, and with the body lifted up, it makes it managable. Depending on the insurance, and if you have reciepts, the stereo equip may be covered.
  9. I am in full agreement with having a review section. I was a bit leary about spending the money on some of the Stewmac videos, not because of the price so much, but the quality of knowledge. The Benedetto video is a perfect example...Bob says that someone new to building archtops has top choose carefully what books he is reading simply because books written from a non guitar building point of view can start a newb off on the wrong foot, and onto a forum like this one asking stupid questions that could be answered by either using the search function, or by reading the right Books, DVD's whate
  10. http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-dyn/conte...7060401180.html This was the 1st riff I learned as a wee lad. Would have been cool to be a part of this.
  11. Amen to that....what a cool idea. Strap a smoke machine to yer back, and run a tube into the back of the guitar, then jam out!!! SMOKIN
  12. Why not just buy anodized aluminum in the color you want, instead of painting it. Less time painting means more time building. Just a thought
  13. You have to go in and make a friend with someone that works there. I have 3 guys at 3 different stores that would bend over backwards for me, and all I do is once in a while, take them out to lunch, and talk about gear. I also have them pull any guitars that need work aside for me to look at for future purchasing. Usually, they have to sell it at a discount because its damaged. Bought a 99 Ibanez s7420 with a finish chip for 200 bucks....thats 1100 dollars less than list with Org hang tags. Was just sitting on the wall way to long, and my bud called me up and told me to make an offer....so
  14. Man I forgot about this thread....got the pedal back, and I can get the Krankenstien tone out of it with the drive at 1/2 way. Think Damageplan's "New found Power". The tone controls are MUCH more sensitive, and while dialing in the sound, you CAN go to far. Still a bit noisy, but nowhere near where it was. Not quite the sound I was looking for, but for the cash, Id say it was worth it. Tested it with a Peavey Butcher on the low gain side, and a flat EQ, through a 4X12 with Celestions.
  15. I have a minor problem with some maple I have been siting on fo a while. While Im not to concerned with this piece in particular, I AM worried about the rest of my stash. I keep my wood upsstairs in my house along with all the rest of my gear, temp/humidity controlled. I brought a piece of maple out to my garage, and left it sit to adjust on my workbench. It sat for a couple of days when it started to check right down the middle. It was at less than 6% moisture content when I first got it about a year ago, and still is acording to my meter. The waether has been fairly stable he whole tim
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