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Any Ideas For Souping Up A Seven String?

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Hi everybody. I currently need some ideas as to how to make my guitar a little bit more robotic. It is an Ibanez 7-string. I have ordered EMG pickups as well as an EMG pa2 gain booster (a toggle switch).

Each of the pickups will recieve independent volume and tone control. I need more ideas as to make this look more machine-like. Even if al the toys do not bring necessary function, I want to do it for show. I want this thing robotic as hell... the stealth bomber of all guitars. Any wild suggestion is welcome for this black beast.


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led light touch switch system for the pickups. put some machine symbols inlayed in the body with them back lit with leds or fiberoptics throught the whloe guitar. install a vibrating mechanism to get the guitar to resonate at that certain freq.

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you might want to put this on the body

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