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OK just now I'm working on customizing my Rg270, i only ever use the bridge pickup in it and so I'm replacing the stock one with something better, and the can be coil tapped. So i want to make the centre and neck pickups into a sort of indicator as to whether the bridge humbucker is being a single coil or bucker, I'm going to take the pole pieces out he centre and neck pickups and replace them with LEDs so that when you select the bridge to be a bucker the neck lights up and when its a single the centre lights up.



Little "artists impression"for you there :D , now i have no idea how to make this work, can someone nice work it out for me?and also suggest a good but not to pricey pickup to put in the bridge?


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Well, instead of taking apart two perfectly good pickups, I'd just use an empty cover for a single coil and two empty bobbins and a baseplate for a humbucker for your faux indicator pickups.

Using a battery and a DPST switch for your coil split, you shouldn't have any trouble wiring up a few lights. Use one pole for the split, use the other for the indicator.

There are lots of great pickups out there. Might try a DiMarzio Breed, FRED, or PAF Pro in there for good split sounds.

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