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How To Add Earphone To This Schematic?


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hai, i think this perfboard diagram of ruby amplifier is well know to a lot of you guys here. but i just need to know how or where in the drawing that i could add earphone as a feature, you know, just for a quiet time practising.


this is the schematic, if anyone interested.


P/s: does anyone knows the website that shows how to make an effect unit using perfboard? it's yellowish in color, i just can't remember what or where i've seen it before. i save it once before my pc decided that it's time to breakdown on me, sigh...

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Well it would obviously be after the 220uf capacitor but you would need a stereo plug wired mono. also you would want to add in some sort of volume atenuation as the 386 can hurt your ears. it would be best to expirament with a pot and see how much resistance you need.

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a pot would be helpful it has alot of output with a guitar i mean think about it this thing can push a four twelve cab. not very loud but think of the relative sound pressure levels in relation to a headphone set. you could damage your ears.

so yes some sort of volume pot or a fixed resistor. i would say expiraent with say a 22k half watt

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As far as perfboarding pedals, are you thinking of Runoffgroove.com, or their sister site, Home-wrecker.com? R.O.G. has a lot of handy one-day projects with perfboard layouts. There's also generalguitargadgets.com , tonepad.com , and geofex.com , the other sites in my "pedal building" bookmarks folder.

Pedal building is a bad hobby - I got into it before I got into guitar building, and whenever I'm itching to build guitars and it's raining (a lot here in the US northeast this year!) I've been building more pedals, and my effects board is getting ridiculous! Especially since I pretty much only use a volume pedal and a tuner when I play live. Maybe a boost and an echo.

Have you built the Ruby amp? I've been thinking of throwing one together, was wondering how you liked the sound.

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