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Pre-lawsuit Ibanez Lp Custom

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A friend has an old ibanez LP custom copy. I think it is a pre-lawsuit model - it has the Gibson style "open book" headstock. It has a bolt on neck, the neck plate just says "made in Japan".

How can we tell if it really is a pre-lawsuit LP copy?

It has a couple of nicks in the paint on the upper edge of the back of the headstock (all black, so not too difficult to repair), and the gold hardware is no longer so gold....very worn looking.

What sort of price is it worth if it is a pre-lawsuit model?

Thanks in advance,



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I'll look for the serial number....where would it appear?

Apparently, Ibanez only started putting serial numbers around the end of 1975, just before they changed the headstock on the LP copies. So most of the "pre-lawsuit" copies don't have a serial number. I guess that means that if there's no serial number my friend is in luck.



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From what I understand, if it has the open book headstock, it is pre-law, as long as it is an authentic Ibanez.

I have a 74-76 Pre-law 2342 model Ibanez LP. When I got it it had been horribly refinished and a third pup was added. I'm trying to refinish it now, but it takes a back seat because it is a side project of mine. Also look for tuners with the star on them, that is supposed to make a difference also. I was able to find ibanez info here Ibanez collectors . They are wonderful playing guitars, mine is the cheaper model, but it is still nice to play


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