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Hello, well this is my first post.. just like to say high to all!. well heres my story. i bought a bass from a well know auction web site. got the bass and guess what?? it is beat worst then a 5 dollar callgirl wow. this thing stinks like last weeks garbage. tons of dings, plenty -o- body chips... i need to refinish it, new pup's, new headstock, or just chop off some of the head stock, and i may have a new collectors item. my first question,(of not too many i hope ) is can the finish be removed? it' looks like a plastic? and there is an inlay on it.i'm not sure what i can say here so i wont give the guitars name. i would guess i can the sand the you know what out of it, then fire up my paint unit, prime it spary a few finish coats, then spray 10 or so coats of poly on it. is it that easy? thanks.. to all you respond...oh and i'm only out 200.00 so it's not that bad, or is it??

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everything but bad swear words can be said here, the only topics we are told to try to stay away from are religion and politics, also dont insult eachother on purpose.

now that that is cleared up, On the main site there are a few painting tutorials I think will be very useful to you. If at all possible could you post a picture? you can say the brand name as well, if you wish.

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It really is that easy.Strip the finish and sand out the defects;if it is grainy use a sanding sealer;sand back and paint and clear coat.I buy the most beat up guitars and refinish them just for fun and practice.Look at the tutorials because some of these guys really know what they are doing.Good luck and get creative :D

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