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What To Fill Dents With

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Ok so i was wondering what people use to fill dents on a guitar before finnishing. I have a few dents on a guitar im working on that cannot be sanded without effecting the shape. What should i use to fill these? Bondo? Many layers of epoxy? It will be a solid finnish so it doesnt have to look pretty, it just better not creep or react with the finnish.

I will either be using autobody poly or nitro.



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If its bare wood, swell the dents out with a wet rag and a hot soldering iron, wait until dry then sand smooth.

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Bondo is one of my favorites. It's easy to mix and apply, sands back to level easy, and accepts just about any finish you might throw at it.

Basically, it's MADE exactly for filling in dents and such.

I hardly ever have to fill in dents anymore tho. :D

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well you havent accidentally droped you guitar on one of its beveled edges recently haha. Thx ill grab some bondo! Should i do it before or after i grain fill? Ill either use stewmac grain filler or this epoxy i found at lee valley tools. Thx

It really all depends on the severity of the dent.

Mammoth Guitars had the right idea with steaming them out.

If the guitar is unfinished, I'd suggest trying this first.

If you do find that you will need to use a filler, then there should be less to fill after raising the grain. :D

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