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Fabric Finish...had An Oops And Need Some Help

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So Ive done 3 practice runs of the fabric finish, and no problems. Now of course, on the one that matters, I ran into a problem. After the final coat of clear was applied and hardened, I started wetsanding the body. On 2 areas (one by one of the pickups and one by the pickup selector) the cloth soaked up a bit of water and raised the clear just enough to make it cloudy. Leaving it out in the sun for a day dried it out, and became unnoticable. I dry sanded with some 800 just to be sure and reapplied more clear. Again, it has hardened, but now I am nervous about wetsanding and buffing. Is there some alternative to wetsanding for that mirror finish I long for, or do I just have to chance it? I forgot. Its a PPG 2 part clear urethane(same as on automobiles)

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