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Can Anyone Make Fretboards W/ Inlays?

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Hello. I am currently designing two project guitars, and I come down to most specs. All I need now is to order the parts, and get them made.

The biggest part of my two designs are the fretboards. They have the thing that makes my guitar, mine.. And I need to have these fretboards or else its just like a normal guitar hehe..

I was going to have them made from Custominlays.com, and I got a good price quote on them of around $150US each, but I was wondering if maybe there was someone here who could do it for maybe abit less, my designs are not TOO difficult, actually for the most of it, you could just buy one of those kits online of star inlays, as that makes up almost the whole fretboard.

If anyone can help me, give me a PM and I will show you what I want done, and you could price me on it and maybe we can get a deal done. Thanks!

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$150 seems a bit steep if you just want stars like Mr Sambora's especially as you can buy them pre-cut - saying that i'd probably charge the equivelent of around $80 but that's because it's not what i do for a living. I'd suggest buying a few stars and having a go yourself with some scrap material and if you feel you're not up to it all you've lost is a few dollars worth of pearl but if you do feel confident then you'll save yourself a shed load of money and as people say it'll be even more your own guitar.

Jem :D

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