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Using Oil On Maple?

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i finished building a guitar that i need to use at a gig this weekend (ok, i don't NEED to, but i want to). i made a truss rod cover out of maple. i don't have time to spray nitro on it and cure it (ok, i know i should have made it before applying the finish to the axe). although the headstock is high gloss, i don't really want a high gloss lacquer look for the cover. i was wondering if it is common to use tung oil or boiled linseed oil on maple? i thought i once read on this forum that some have used oil on maple necks. i use transtint dyes. has anyone ever tried putting dye in the oil?

ok, as an alternative, if i decide to dye and spray a finish, what kind of clear canned spray will cure in a couple of days.

yeah, yeah... i know, its only a truss rod cover!

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Normal nitro will cure dry to the touch in 15 minutes. It's not totally cured obviously, but it will get you dry enough to install in a few hours if you don't bother it much.

-Any- type of oil finish will take days, not hours.

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I don't know that it has to be "finished" in time for the gig anyhow. Just put it on, if you're not worried about gloss. Finish it properly later. :D

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