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Star Shape?

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i know everyone is always asking for plans or cad drawings

ive searched this whole site since i joined and can find nothing

ive tried doing my own and they all look more retarted than i do

can anyone help me out? ill take any info other than draw it myself

maybe i should start smoking pot again or get some ritilin

than retarted would look kool

thanks in advance

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yes the charvel

i tried to chop an explorer pic too

but it was retarted as is all my art work

funny i can do a refret, rebuild a small block chevy

tape your sheetrock and install a boatlift

but drawing something ha ha now thats funny

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Just the body 25.5 scale that would make you my god for the month at least

every one i have tried to draw looks horrible

i know people say to be original but i plan to build at least two of these

thanks to Digideus for your help

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