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Wrap Around Bridge

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]Hi I'm new here

I have built a couple guitar with string through bridges with good results.

I'm now building my first guitar using a wrap around bridge

do I need to angle the neck for a wrap around bridge.

here is what I have

the neck cavity is routed with about 1/8 of the neck upove the body [this does not include the fret board] it looks like the strings will clear the bridge.

I have put a stright edge on the neck to line up the bridge with the neck.

am I going about thing in the right way

any info will be helpful

thannks :D

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Should you be unsure how to draw it out, there is a good pinned topic here.

Also, it is explained very thoroughly in the excellent Make Your Own Electric Guitar', which Melvyn authored, and is far too modest to recommend himself.

thanks I have that book and read it over and I now have a neck angle for the bridge I'm using. one I have thought it out it was no big thing to do

thanks for all your info


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