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Anyone Knows This Pickup


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hi ppl.

i bought an old bass for like 30 dollars and I want to get it fixed. I have some (little) experiense with wiring but i´v always use diagrams. and thas way I ask, does anyone know this pickup, i guess isa phat cat or a humbucker, but i´m not sure so help will be apresiated.


greetings from Chile,


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Hi there, welcome to PG

It looks like a single coil...nice funky looking cheap pickup and you are unlikely to find a direct replacement for it.

Do you think it does not work? You can test it with a multimeter or by connecting it via a guitar lead to an amp and tapping it with a screwdriver or even holding it over the strings of a guitar to see if it makes a sound. If it does it should be ok to use with a standard volume and tone wiring layout for instance.

If that doesn't work, there may be a problem with it, but it is possibly a loose wire connection to the coil where the leads connect...

Anyway, don't know the pickup but it looks cool...hope that helps... pete

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it still looks like a single coil

one wire is the start of the coil the other is the finish

and the strand is ground sheild

one wire and the strand to hot the other wire neg

as far as in phase out of phase i have no clue

wonder how it would work as a sustainer driver lol

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wonder how it would work as a sustainer driver lol

don't even think about it...a pickup is not a driver...grrrrr

Anyway, it's good that they have individually shielded the leads there and earthed the back and probably cover, but it is most likely a single coil, nothing wrong with that unless you play in front of your computer monitor.

It is well potted and better than a lot of odd pickups you find on guitars of indetirminent value, but it would be unwise to try to rewind it, it looks as if it would work and there would be no direct replacement for it.

enjoy, thanks for sharing... pete

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Too thin to be a stacked hb, and the central bar magnet says its a single coil. Dual coil (hb) will have 2 bars or 2 rows of poles. I saw one of those (or similar) while browsing thru a local shop's "previously enjoyed" pickup inventory. Check the "ohmmage" (resistance) across the wires to see if the coil is still solid and get a reading for potential output strength. But its basically a cheap pickup out of a cheap guitar...no offense. :D

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thx to every one for your anwers.

I tryed the pickups before taking the bass apart and they sounded good to me (it´s not like that actually means anything, but...) hehehe.

anyways, i´ll keep them just like that and rewire the whole thing following some single coil diagrams.

i´ll let you know how it works out.


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