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I'm making a custom built guitar. The neck is maple with two bubinga stripes and a pau ferro fretboard; the body wings (it's neck through) are mahogany. I'm trying to decide on pickups to use, there'll be one bridge and one neck, probably both humbuckers. I already have an EBMM JPM and I'm not looking for that kind of tone because I've already got it; I'm looking for something a little more vintage and fat sounding, which is why I made the body mahogany. I also will probably be wiring one pot to be pull so instead of mixing the two center coils in the middle position, it will be coil tapped for a single coil sound as on the JPM. So, anybody have any suggestions on pickups? Thanks!

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+1 for a PAF if you want a vintage sound (like LP) jut I'm not familiar with the "joes". If you are on a budget, check out guitarfetish, he's a member here. I just put a Fat PAF of his in a knock off SG (mahogany) that was in for repair, and I liked the sound.

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