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Question On Scale Length, Neck Joint. Etc.

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Hi, im in the process of building a cigarbox guitar. I built my own box perse now im ready to move onto the neck.

Now the size of a box, I think it would funky with a full size neck. Im thinking 17 frets with a fender scale would work well. so can i just copy the locations that are on my strat and cut off the rest. adn will it still be in tune? or does this screw up the key.

im not sure how the scale effects they key so i have no idea how the math works.

also, do i have to run the neck all the way through, or can i do like a acoustic neck joint, and xbrace the box? Im not postive what im gonna do for frets yet, im getting just burn them in for now since this thing is made from scrap wood.

Im gonna make my own bridge so i dont think i need to worry about setting neck at a few degrees.

Thanks for any help, ill start on the neck tomorow if i have time.


Guess i should also mention this is gonna be a 4 string, and im gonna try to make it eletric. wind my own pup and stuff.

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Always consult the Fret Calculator from StewMac

Just type in the number of frets you want (17) and scale (which is in your case fender = 25.5")

but isn't 25.5 way too long for a cigar box. 25.5" is the length from the bridge to the nut. Unless you set the bridge way back at the cigar box. I'd try to shorten the scale for the neck strength.

I've seen (can't say many as I don't see cigar boxes alot) some cigar boxes with acoustic joints, and that's all I know. Just wait for someone to chime in.

and Good Luck!

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Hi. Thanks for the link to the calcultor. Im thinking since i want to try and wind my own pup for this. I probably should run a sustain block all the way through. Not sure if ill rout in a neck joint or run it all the way through also. its raining today, living in the desert we dont get much rain as you can imagen. im gonna take this day off and be lazy. and enjoy the none tripple digits. Works out well gives me time to think about how im gonna do this. And time for all your pros to chime in if you bored. Thank you guys once again. So friendly, helpful. :D


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