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im new to making and experimenting with my guitars but i want to get new pickups , and install them myself.

but i want three different brands of pick-ups , so i was wondering if it would work to have three different brands of pick-ups. so i was just asking for ne1s opinion. I didnt think it would b a problem but ive been searching around on the internet and could'nt find any information and i dont want to do it and screw up my guitar and have three wasted pick-ups.

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yeah, it'll be fine! Bear in mind though, depending on the pickups you buy, you mgiht have completely unusible combinations. I'd recommend thinking very carefully about the choices of pickups before you buy, and why you do infact want 3 brands...I would think that most brands cater for about 90% of pickup needs, and the only reason to have different brands would be for pickups specific to the brand that are very different. (like the Kent Armstrong Motherbucker, but even that has to contend with "quad rails" pickups :D)

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