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Foam Question


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Hello, not sure what forum this would go in, So I will ask here first..

Im looking for large sheets of protective foam, something to put inside a guitar case.. I seen some nice molded guitar cases around and was wondering where I find this foam stuff.. I searched around but couldnt really find any prices that was reasonable (for the case size, they quote like $700 and etc)

Wondering if anyone knew where something like this could be bought thats affordable? Doesnt have to be high quality, as Im probably putting faberic over the top anyways.. Thanks

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I built a hardcase recently for an ebay strat project. I used stategically placed strips of cut-up Karrimat (you know the denser 5mm foam pads you roll up to sleep on when you're camping lite?) and got some squares of foam from a local furniture/carpet/curtain shop for about £1 each for 18" sq by 1" thick.

I then got a load of fake acrylic black fur from a textile stall on the local market to line the insides.

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Go to a hobby shop and get some 2 part expanding foam, and some plastic sheet. Mix the foam at a 1:1 ratio, pour it into your case, and quickly lay the plastic sheet on top of the foam. Put your guitar on top of the plastic sheet before the foam starts to expand and dry. The foam will expand around the guitar (the plastic sheet protects it so make it larger than your case). When it is dry pull the plastic sheet off and either use an electric carving knife or a razor blade to knock some of the stuff down straight and if need be mix a little more foam to fill in the low spots. After that sand the foam down with a 36 grit pad and clean up the spot where your guitar was, then use landau pad glue (3m stuff) to either glue whatever material you are using on or use suede flocking (takes much longer but looks a lot better IMO) to flock the inside of the case. When you are done you should have a very nice form fitting case.

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