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Floyd Rose

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hi everyone 2 questions I am thinking of having ed roman install a floyd rose on a guitar for me and first thing is on the locking nut I don't want it to be drilled all the way through the back of the neck I want it like those dean dimebag models so do I need to buy a special kind of nut to do so. 2 ed roman sells floyds and the information says that there original does this mean there from the early eighties or there just new floyds made to original specs.

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You want a Top-Mount nut. It is a different part than the standard bolt-through nut.

The Original Floyd Rose bridge is the original design from Floyd Rose -- i.e. it is the style of bridge not its age. Floyd Rose style bridges are licensed for manufacture from many other manufacturers as well, and they are all a little different.

And if you want some real advise, stay far away from Ed Roman and NEVER EVER give him any money. (In the spirit of not poking the bear, I will leave it at that. Do a search on any forum if you want to know why to avoid Ed.)

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