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Material Finish Sanding Sealer


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Good morning,

I have successfully laid the cotton textured material on top of the guitar. I used titebond glue and I spread very evenly and luckly there were no bleed throughs or wrinkles. So now I am at the stage were I need to buy sanding sealer??? Now I am getting very confused about what to purchase because I want to mak sure the sealer does not adversly affect the material that is glued down...What should I buy? Thanks for any help!! Joe M

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In the picuture on the main site it looks like Brain is using DEFT nitro. Just make sure to test your sealer on a scrap peice of fabric to make sure it doesn't react with it.

Will this be the final clear/sealer to the finsh or do you ned to buy and apply clear coat as well? and can this be used on rest of the guitar that I have painted?

Thank!! Joe

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Use the sanding sealer to do the first build over the fabric and light coats over the rest of the guitar. Than use the clear coat on the rest of the guitar and follow normal finish procedure.

Oh great!! Thanks so much..That clears everything up.. I will be going to Lowes to buy DEFT sanding sealer.

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