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Setch's Carved Top Jig


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hey i was wondering if anyone might have saved Setch's post about his jig. or any pictures of it, or have made it yourself. i would really like to make one and try it out. i know his post about it in the mimf forums has been in the library queue for a very long time. ive email setch about it but he hasn't email me back yet. thanks for any help.

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thanks setch! hey its no big hurry. i would wait for it to come out of the mimf library queue but i havnt seen any updates in almost 2 months, so i didnt know how long of a wait it would be. oh by the way setch would you happen to maybe have a audio clip of your chambered LP. im in the planning stages of building my lp and im trying to figure out if i want to chamber mine or not. ive tried finding an audio clip of a gibson LP supreme becuase they are chamber, but i havnt had any luck finding one.

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