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Ibanez Maple Wizard Neck

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I need help re-finishing a wizard 2 malpe neck. I had to remove the orignal finish due to cracking and peeling(its only 2 years old). Now i am not sure what to do next, i am not sure what type of materials to use. I would like the orignal type of finish(very smooth like glass clear finish)

Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer help

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Don't heat gun it - the neck probably wouldn't appreciate the heat treatment. I would try a chemical stripper (Nitromors in the UK) or just plain sanding using 60/80 grit paper. Keep a damp cloth handy to wipe the neck down so you can differentiate between scuffed lacquer and wood mid-sand.

Ohwait, you've removed the finish. Most awesome. Disregard that then.

Sand the maple to say, maybe 800 grit so it's free of lower grit scratches and apply a sanding sealer. At this stage I'd plump for plain old clear gloss Plasticote in a can, although to get a glassy shine you might want to consider nitro lacquer. Harder to apply for good results (in my limited experience) but better when buffed out. Wait and see what the more experienced members post on this one.

I would be tempted to ask you whether the glassy finish idea would be worth rethinking, as a gloss finish could be slower playing than a satin one. YMMV, I find my ESP Explorers slower (except my natural mahogany EXP) but my satin Ibanez S1640FM is swift as hell.

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