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  1. DC is convenient, and I'm sure that the brushless aspect provides advantages. The wall provides more grunt than a battery pack though.
  2. I guess that Tuusula isn't how it used to be....likely more as a more affordable alternative to living in Helsinki itself now?
  3. I've not tried one yet, however I have access to the battery version of the Makita RP0700 at work. I've just not used it since the weight of the battery at the top is the most immediate cause for concern. Those small base routers are tippy as it stands, never mind with a huge 5,0Ah battery bolted on top! I can't compared the brushed 240V version to the brushless 18V version really, however I'd be wanting to know the "apparent HP" (this can be meaningless if you think about it) of the motor. They're trimmers when it comes down to it, so being able to work hardwood at any level is more of a frin
  4. Makes sense when you look at it from that angle. I should have bought the Hemi.
  5. The serpentine in mine concerns me since the motor is an interference type; once it runs out of sync you end up with bent stuff, requiring a rebuild. If I'm thinking right, the motor didn't used to be that way, but hey. Happy Monday everyone.
  6. I prefer to use acrylic/Plexi which is better in thicknesses of the order 6mm-10mm for sub-bases. 3-4mm as per the plates that bolt to the underside of metal castings isn't enough when you have overhangs. The few mm lost due to base thickness is worth it for the assurance of safer and more controllable work though. The two I use the most are an offset base and wider 300mm base with the router in the middle. That works double duty for thicknessing thin plates.
  7. I had both of those routers! The one thing I dislike the most about plunge routers is the high centre of gravity, and that POF1200 was pretty tippy at best. I'd recommend making a sub-base for it, even if that reduces the overall cutting depth. The POF400 was useful for small things like pickup cavities and neck pockets, but has a tiny base that makes it terrible unstable also. Sub-bases are the way to go for stability. and keeping their depth stops in good working condition is a must. FWIW, the best upgrade to that POF400 would be a palm router like a Bosch Colt, Makita RP0900 or DeWalt
  8. Good work. She's clearly a clueless mall duck rather than a consummate parent, so she clearly needs you to pick up the slack. Easier than loving goats, eh?
  9. A grip of death is often applying force in the wrong direction, which reduces finer motor control (literally) where its required. If your router has opportunity to bite more than you can control, you're pretty much in freehand territory where anything and everything can go wrong. I've thought about how best to describe the muscle memory and thought processes of using a router for various tasks, and I keep coming back to "you need to get the experience to learn it" which isn't ideal. Sort of like saying that winning at Russian roulette is to keep pulling the trigger until you're good at it.
  10. It's concerning when one's swears end up filtering into other languages.
  11. "Ass wanker" is one of my wife's faves.
  12. How do you date a fish? Cut it in two and count the rings?
  13. If it weren't for the fact that there isn't an AMD equivalent NUC, I wouldn't bother with Intel these days. They are literally releasing chips that are only catching up to AMD's previous generation now. The main issue is finding a GPU, and that leaves me with either a professional card like a Quadro (ten times the RTX equivalent's cost) or buying integrated, which the GPU miners aren't hoarding.
  14. Very nice! I've had a few router bits the last couple of years where the bearing or cutter are slightly off-size, resulting in a small lip. Obviously this is more of an issue if you have to ride the bearing on a previous cut which causes cumulative error.
  15. Even though supply times are looking terrible, I've got in an order for an Intel NUC 11 Enthusiast (Phantom Canyon). The built-in NVidia RTX 2060 will be excellent for my CAD work, however I am guessing that a general chip shortage worldwide thanks to the idiotic demands of crypto mining is putting dates further back on this. My old Skull Canyon 6th gen NUC is having some real fan issues....
  16. Cognitive dissonance is something that on the face of it, sounds like it should unravel or dissolve at the slightest whiff of fact. Unfortunately, contradicting somebody's implausible yet deeply-held batshittery also triggers a conflict within their sense of identity and elevates their threat response, ultimately causing them to become mentally entrenched deeper in that selfsame foxhole of batshit. Sort of like being your own personal captor.
  17. Absolutely. You can't not post from-scratch amp builds here!
  18. Unimogs are a thing of fascination for me, but then again so are things like the BMW R50/60.
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