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Convert 4 String Bass To 5 String

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Is it just a case of adding the tuner, changing the bridge and nut or is it more complicated than that.

Is it practical of to fiddly to play


As far as I know, it's as simple as that. Add a tuner, change the nut out, and add on the new bridge. As a bassist, I'm pretty picky about string spacing. I honestly couldn't handle 5 strings that close together for finger / slap style. But I honestly have never played on a 4 string converted to a 5. My preference is 6+ strings anyways. :D

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I would put on as many strings as I could if I wasnt limited by how much money I have to spend, Im usually really skint for cash.

Im getting this bass for cheap from my school, They have stripped it for parts so its missing bridge, 2 tuners and most electronics.

As for string spacing it most likely wont bother me because I have small fingers anyway and sometimes struggle to reach certain frets on a usual bass.

Well I suppose I will give this a go, The only thing im wondering is if it dosent seem to be going well can I just realign the 5 string bridge and use it for 4 strings only?

If I go through with this conversion will the EMG select bass humbucker still work? Does it use a bar magnet so string spacing dosent matter or will I have to look into it further

Also I know I have posted this already but if someone has succesfully done this can they please let me know how it went


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man, sorry for being little off topic here, but im just loving that idea right now !!!!! im thinking about geting a 7 string guitar, but i know i woldnt play it that much ! and i got a nice strat body and neck there ! can the same goes for the guitar ? i just change the nut and bridge, add a new tuner and get a 7 string?? i know the strings will be closer, but i can live with that (and if i like the all 7 string deal, just got a real 7 string ! maybe get my own strat, change the neck pocket and put in a brand new neck :D

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