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Magnet Polarity


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I have two questions

1. how can i tell the north/south side of a magnet?

2. can i cut a magnet with out hurting the magnet itself?

im trying to make a split coil driver for a sustainer ala PSW's thread

ive made two mini bobbins that when put together fit a single coil cover

and i have a bunch of magnets that are 1/4" x 1/4" x 2 1/4" and i want to cut one in half

but will cutting it affect its strength. i plan on using a dremmel and a cut off wheel

i know it can chip or shatter but i think the cutoff wheel will prevent this

any help would be great

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I can't speak towards the effects of cutting a magnet, but determining the polarity is fairly simple. You just need another magnet that has the poles marked on it. When they push appart, you have like poles, so you know which one you'r dealing with. Stewmac sells a cheap tool that indicates the polarity of a magnet as well.

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