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Bandsaw Blade


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Hi all,

I have a bandsaw but I've always had problems with resawing- i.e when I'm trying to cut a plank down for backs and sides and it's 7"+. The blade wanders and cups, and it takes ages on harder woods. I've come to the conclusion that my local hardware store stocks cheap blades, and I'd really like to try something that will make my cutting life easier. Can anyone recommend a 1" blade for resawing, maybe something carbide tipped? If it's available in europe that's even better. Thanks all


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carbide tipped blade are out there but cost a bunch.

I have a timberwolf re-saw blade that is like a hot knife cutting through butter.

I think there cost around 35.00-40.00 give or take a couple of buck.

a good blade is worth a few extra $$$ and once you use one then there is no going back to a junky blade.

check out woodcraft.com has timberwolf blade

be sure you set your band saw up correctly to re-saw this makes a world of difference.

I hope I was some help

Godd luck and work safe :D

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As suggested Timberwolf makes a good blade($35-ish), Lennox makes a great blade ($125 give or take), Woodslicer blades are awsome, but you have to have your bandsaw dialed in well to use them with good results due to how thin the blade is (about same as Timberwolf price wise). I believe those are the most popular options out there for performance blades.

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Along with the new blade (which you DO need), be sure to get your saw completely dialed in. It is amazing how much difference it makes to get the saw set up correctly. From the symptoms you describe, your saw is not set up right yet. Once you have it set up, you will be resawing everything that isn't nailed down for fun.

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Ok guys that's great help. I do have a feeling the saw isn't set up properly, any advice on good books/online articles in that area? Thanks a bunch


Hi Richard, everyone is correct in saying that a well tuned and setup bandsaw is a dream to use, and will become one of your most used machines.

Try starting here for some Bandsaw Information.

Also, try searching through this forum Woodwork Forums...Bandsaws

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