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Could You Make A Pickguard Out Of 1/8" Thick Maple?


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Hi! I was thinking about making some flamey maple pickguards for a few guitars. I think standard pickguards are .090" thick, so I was thinking about getting some 1/8" (.125") maple for the project. I figure I'd lose a bit in sanding and stuff, but it'll still probably be close to 1/8" when done, I think.

My questions for you then . . . will this work OK? Is 1/8" maple going to be strong enough? If it's a little thicker than standard pickguards, will the pots and stuff still fit OK?

Thanks for the info! :D

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I've made a few out of oak , less than 1/8" thick.

They aint too pretty, but it was a way to use some of the oak flooring scrap that was given to me.


I still like them better than plastic. I used Danish oil for the finish, but will probably just wipe a coat of wax on the next one. Very first one I made (the rough practice one) was pine with a super thin oak veneer, plywood, thinned down to under 1/8" thick, and I didn't put any finish on it, and the recordings I made (sorry, old cassette tape method) with that pickguard sound great. Better than the later finished Oak guard.

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