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Refinishing A Neck...?


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hey all, sorry another noob question lol

im working on my project guitar....havent touched in in a long time....

since changing my mind about the paint job im giving the body...the problem i have is that the neck (back of the neck) wont go with it......i could put up with it but why not give it a shot, it didnt cost me anything lol

so yeah, my question is, will it be the same process for refinishing as the body or is there something else i would have to do for it to keep its "playability" (by this i mean like the err..smoothness when your playing?)

sorry if that sounds rambled, any help appreciated!!!


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Some people don't like the idea of a finished neck (as in paint or laquer) as they feel it 'slows the neck down' a bit playability wise. Personally, I don't have a problem with it but I ain't no God of a player!

You finish exactly the same way as the body but you could go over the final surface with 0000 wirewool to make it matt instead.

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on one neck I used tung oil varnish whiped on with a old t-shirt.

let dry over night and give it another coat .

do this untill you get a finnish that you like.

sand with 400 grit sand papper between coats.

french polish you can get a nice finish on the neck with frech polish.

this is a hand rub finish and is not hard to do.

it is basicly thined out varnish that is whiped on by hand.

please do you research for this and you will have no trouble.

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