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Diy Strap

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Go with the seat belt method! It never tears!!!!

Go to a car breakers yard or scrap yard and find a beat up shitheap of a car that has seatbelts. Take the seatbelts out and remove the casing and metal parts on the strap.

Next, buy some strap locks, the sort with the pullout pin. Work out the size you need, apply one of them to the seatbelt material at one end, then measure, measure again and then cut the belt to size and use a lighter to seal the ends of the material. Apply the 2nd strap lock

There you go. A new strap built from the toughest material you can get and with the strap locks, your guitar will never take a dive unless you drop it or the straplock fails and snaps! It may not be adjustable like a nylon or leather strap, but if you cut it to size correctly, it will always be in the ideal position.

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I've done the whole seatbelt thing (with the latch on it, just because it was cool looking), but I don't really like them...too much like a nylon strap that slides all over the place while trying to play...I'm more partial to the leather ones, since they stay in one place all of the time...

...with that being said, I've been toying around with the idea of making two straps

1)leather bottom, with the top made from old ties (like the ones found at goodwill, etc...)

2) buy a bunch of those different bead things like the pyramid ones that a lot of teens have on their belts these days, but use skulls, moons, iron crosses, etc...and just come up with some kinda cool design...

-Devon Goodspeed

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I made one out of some fashion belts I found at a market. They were 4 inch wide and made of double layered denim with hole studs in them. They looked pretty girly as belts, but I put 2 of them together, attached some strap locks and I had a pretty interesting strap with a buckle adjustment half way.

If not, look into getting some chain mail rings from a re-enactment or live role playing supplier and make one from that!

Whatever you end up doing, show us some pics dude!

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i hear ya with the simplicity of seat belts; but pardon me; thats cheesy :D

after actually looking at a few leather straps with material lengthener (?) i know

its tottally within the skill of a friend who makes her own clothes;

i wanna mae it super padded, and silk screen it, thats another reason the seat belt thing is not exactly a go ahead;

i wonder if i should make a lil sewing post; but its prolly better on some crotia website

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Heh, youll be knitting guitar covers next :D

Im sure your friend knows this already, but hanging a weighty guitar on clothing leather will probably streach it. You need untreated hide that hasnt been softened for clothing. The stuff you get from clothing suppliers will probably be thinner and softer and will not like having a lump of wood hanging off it. Best talk to a few leather shops or the like and get some advice.

Good luck anyway

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I made a strap out of a leather belt. I just cut a hole in one end and put a small slit in it, measured how long I want it to be, trimmed the other end and put the hole/slit there. It's heavy duty. It's not adjustable, but I never adjust a strap after it's set anyway.

On the end I trimmed, I just colored it with black Magic Marker so it wasn't raw leather color.

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i wasnt against seat belt 'material' just using a seatbelt as a strap; which i thought was the suggestion;

but if i was against using the material; just because steve vai used it, wouldnt change my mind;

its about what can be done, not whats been done and accepted

I'm not insinuating that you do a seatbelt strap, based on Steve Vai's preference. I was merely counterpointing your opinion that it's cheesy. I just happen to think the opposite. Relax.

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For the chain mail i do not reccomend using galvinized steel as it will never get shiny, unless you remove the coating some how.

... AND occasionally stick it in a bucket and spray some oil on it to stop it rusting.

i used aluminum rings the second time to avoid this, and for the guage or wire and type of weave i did it was strong enough to hold up a guitar and more. plus it was really shiny.

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