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Neck Finish In Satin Nitro?


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Hey Dayvo,

I agree it is more or less up to the player. I have had guitars that were gloss but I have always perfered the feel of my Strat neck. Also I have two guitars that I built and I got a good tip from Ben Crow at www.crimsonguitars.com ( he built the two necks for me ). 5 to 7 coats of teak oil one coat a day, then 5 to 7 coats of tung oil one coat a day, then buff with a soft cloth. It gives the neck a more natural feel. This was for mahogany necks so I can't say how it would work on other woods.

Good luck,


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Hey guys

I need a little advice

Im about to buy some nitro lacquer for my build

Im looking for your opinions on wether it is easier/more comfortable to play on a neck that has a satin finish as opposed to a gloss finish

Any comments?

dayvo :D

Satin finishes are much smoother than gloss finishes for sure. Some people prefer one over the other but gloss will always feel stickier than satin will

The main thing in getting a good satin finish is to use good lacquer and then add a flattening agent. I generally haven't heard of a good ready to spray satin lacquer so far.

I got some mohawk lacquer from my Luthier which is excellent quality. I thin it about 50% with Dupont #3160 arylic lacquer thinner ( it works phenominally well) and my luthier has a quart of flattening agent that we really only use a small amount of in the mixture.

Other than that, you can try some premixed lacquers. GOod luck

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